Traditional Bowen Therapy & the Neurostructural Integration Technique in the Relief of Back Pain

Bowen therapy, and the advanced form known as Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST), is an alternative medical system that utilizes gentle, clear-cut but powerful soft tissue activations that aids the body in self-healing mechanisms.

Bowen therapy was devised by Thomas Ambrose Bowen to help people suffering from muscular & skeletal problems. Since its development the Bowen technique has been used across the world to heal neck pain, back pain, shoulder freezing and many other conditions as well.

Bowen therapy is a holistic technique, painless and safe to use in all people suffering from muscular-skeletal problems regardless of age. It has also been successfully used to provide immediate and long lasting relief from many chronic and acute conditions.

The Neurostructural Integration Technique is an advanced form of the traditional Bowen therapy. This technique does not use force, as fingers and thumbs are used to gently massage the affected muscles and tissues.

The Bowen technique helps stimulate the circulation of energy around the points that stimulate and balance the body’s energy. This then sends neural message to the brain and the brain immediately responds and sends neural messages for muscle relaxation and pain reduction. This technique arouses the nervous system to communicate with the body and the brain to regain energy in joints, muscles or even the blood.

The Bowen technique has been used successfully in the easing of back pain. The Bowen moves are performed to produce a neural reaction that sends messages to the brain for the relaxation of the spinal muscles successfully easing back pain. Mostly, people will report success in the ease of pain with 4-5 sessions. In fact, practitioners have rated the Bowen technique as 85% effective in relieving back and neck pain. This technique has also been effective in relieving stress and tension and other muscle related pain.

With increased recognition of this advanced Bowen therapy technique, NST Health has trained teachers to now offer NST training to meet the practitioner demand for Neurostructural Integration Technique. Neurostructural Integration Technique courses have been conducted for practitioners in many fields.

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is a very effective advanced Bowen Therapy which can be successfully used to relieve several health problems in a safe, gentle manner in a short period with long lasting results observed for both acute and chronic situations. This technique should be held with utmost esteem and more holistic trainings be done for therapists who need to incorporate this alternative medicine into their practice.

The advantage of NST over the traditional Bowen Technique is that it is faster and gentle in its application and has a higher rate of achieving results even in complicated cases.  This makes it a preferred technique both among the therapists and patients alike.

Neurostructural Integration Technique courses are widely available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA and many other countries worldwide. For a detailed list of trainings in the advanced Bowen technique, NST, visit

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